Friday, January 16, 2015

Shame on you Florida State

Dear Florida State:

To allow your police to target practice with the mug shots of black men is one of the most shameful things you have done. I pray that the Lord punishes you for this disgraceful thing and I also pray that He forgives you for the sin that is in your hearts. What is wrong with you people? The sin is so imbedded in your hearts and souls that you can't even see the evil that lies within yourselves. Shame on you; ask God to forgive you and LET IT GO!!!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Book Signing

Mattie Roberts Book Signing
Tinker AFB Exchange
 September 12 - 14
10am to 3pm

Come and let me sign one of
my 15 books for you.


Saturday, August 10, 2013

From Jesus To You:

Don't think for a moment that I never felt the pain. You can't imagine the hurt and the shame. They put the nails through my hand; they pieced my side, please understand that:

it wasn't easy but it was worth it.

I didn't have to do it, but I did it any way, Cause I really love you; so much so, I took your place. I died for your sins, Yes I'm the one; don't take it lightly all that I've done because

it wasn't easy but it was worth it.

I felt every pain, I carried your shame; they whipped me all night long: IT WASN'T EASY BUT YOU WAS WORTH IT.

-Cici Winans

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Broken Judicial System

Broken Judicial System

 Dear Girlfriend:

 The plea bargain option should be taken off the table of options in the courts.


(1) Scare tactics are used to frighten defendants into accepting a plea or copping a plea. For example, the prosecutor will offer a 10 year plea bargain in place of a life sentence; in exchange for the defendants agreement not to go to trial. (that's whether that defendant committed the crime or not.). Many times a guilty or not guilty defendant cannot afford a private attorney; so they are given a public defender by the courts. One would think that this is a great deal; and it would be if the public defender would honestly defend; rather than forcing innocent defendants to take a plea bargain that the prosecutor offers. Hence, who is the public defender working for the prosecutor or the defendant? I'm just asking.


(2) A defendant is supposed to receive a FAIR trial for their alleged crimes; but instead, the reality is, the defendant never goes to a trial at all. They are pressured by the public defender to accept a plea from the prosecutor; NOT for the betterment of the defendant; but rather to help the prosecutor and to keep the courts from being congested. I'm just saying.


It is a disgrace that the prisons and jails ate filled with many innocent people because of lazy, overwhelmed public defenders and ambitious prosecutors. ANOTHER FACTOR TO THE BROKEN JUDICIAL SYSTEM!












The murderer...His Plot...His Scheme

The Murderer...His plot...His scheme

 Dear Girlfriend:

Oh my goodness (OMG), November 1, 2012, is reported to be the date that Oklahoma will join other states that have an open-carry gun law.

Whereas this law make work in other states (most of the citizens are basically of the same ethnicity and race), in Oklahoma and Florida where prejudice, racism, and bigotry reigns, I'm somewhat afraid of the ramifications for the people of color..

As it is, many of the people who will be carrying guns on their hips, feel threatened when they see a person of color just walking towards them; so what do you have: Another incident like the case in Florida. "I had to shoot, I felt threatened".

I’, shaking my head (SMH), for there is now a legal way to kill people of color; no longer a need to hide behind the white sheets or to lynch blacks from a tree. SMH. Shooting them in the open is going to be so much fun; and it's legal.  OMG; SMH.

July 20, 2013


The “Stand your Ground” law has prevailed in allowing a young black young man to be killed unjustly. First of all, the person who killed him, with hate in his heart profiled the young man; then deliberately followed him; with gun in pocket waited for his prey to feel threated enough to retaliate. The Scheme or Plot to kill a black person legally:

The murderer knew the Stand your Ground law very well; in fact, he received an “A” in his college course.

The murderer also knew that the young black man would retaliate…for anyone would turn around and ask the question ‘why are you following me?’

The murderer knew (from his study) that he had to make it appear that he was the victim. That’s why the 185 pound young man was able to get a 250 pound man on the ground and that’s why the murderer had a few cuts on the back of his head. It was all a plot…a scheme!

With a slight smile on his lips and the thirst for blood of a black person in his heart, the murder pulled his gun and POW! “I got one!” the murder sang with glee in his heart.

The murderer did not expect however, that he would have to go to court on the matter. But he didn’t have to worry because the chosen jury was an assurance that he would be acquitted.

While the six women listened as the witnesses came forth, they were not thinking of the law…they were thinking “I would want my children to defend themselves against a black person too”. Their minds were made-up before the trial began. Who would chose a jury without having a person of color on the jury on a high profile case? This was the easiest way to get an acquittal; they were mothers’; they were not thinking of the mother of the killed; they were thinking of the mother of the murderer.

Quite frankly, the entire trial was a farce, played-out only because of the public out-cry around the world.

I will not worry for God will judge and condemn those who played a role in this scheme. For He is a just God! I waited patiently and peacefully for the Lord to intervene. Amen and so be it! 


Angry with Society 2

Yes, I’m Angry with Society…Part 2

Dear Girlfriend:

You asked me for more reasons that I'm angry with society. Well, remember you asked for it:

I'm angry that politicians cause themselves Christians just to get the Christians' vote; when in fact, they are wolves in sheep's clothing.

I'm angry that many doctors and health care institutions rip-off (rob) the Medicare Program on a daily bases.

I'm angry that scam artist deliberately prey upon senior citizen; angry that senior citizens are not honored or reverenced in this country.

I'm angry that the war in Iraq was started as a personal vendetta; angry that our troops lost their lives to vindicate a private feud.

I'm angry that the only thing that Congress CAN and WILL agree upon is a raise for themselves.

I'm angry that in Oklahoma one can be fired or dismissed from a job or career that they love for no reason at all. There's a law called "the right to fire" (or something like that). This law stipulates that an employer or an employee is free to terminate at any time for no reason. What kind of reasoning is that? Of course, an employee knows that they can terminate or quit a job. This law is ludicrous and harmful! I experienced it myself: a new boss came to the company, brought his own team, everyone that held a position that his team could fill was dismissed...

I'm angry that many representatives at customer support call centers are not in America; not even American citizens; angry that the representatives have access to all vital information; especially at a time when identity theft is on a rise. Did you know that the main U.S. credit bureau's use representatives from other countries? And most credit card companies, too.

I'm angry that many children in the U.S. go to sleep hungry every night.

I'm angry that many of the homeless are veterans of the U.S. armed forces.

I'm angry that most nursing homes care more about profit than they do about the residents that are in their care.

I'm angry that the prison systems seem to be more important to maintain that our school systems.

I'm angry that bankers, CEO's, and most white collar executives make more money than teachers, police officers, fireman, and armed serviceman; more than those who service this country.

I'm angry that America has shown less respect for this president than any other president in history. Not necessarily because of his performance; but because he is a man of color; because like me, they never expected to see a black man as head of the white house. For this reason, Congress has a personal vendetta against the president. For this reason, they have battled with him and with every suggestion that he has put forth. For this reason, Congress has sabotaged the president's efforts to fix a broken country. (Jealousy, Green with Envy, Prejudice, Bigotry). They would rather for the country to fall totally apart than to allow the President to lead. Stop the madness!

I'm angry that many of the radical militia groups within the U.S. has never served in any of the armed services; yet they contend that THEY love this country and are defenders of individual rights. Yeah, right! They love themselves; and want to annihilate any race other than themselves. Isn't that funny, to annihilate the very ones who sacrificed the most in developing this country.

And last, but far from least,

I'm angry that black history is not taught in most school systems in the U.S. America is a rainbow of peoples; yet most are not aware of the contributes of blacks to the progression and growth of this country (of course many do not want to know either). Nevertheless, black history

And finally, I'm angry that black history is not taught in most school systems in the U.S. America is a rainbow of peoples; yet most are not aware of the contributes of blacks to the progression and growth of this country (of course many do not want to know either). Nevertheless, black history should consist of more than the contributions of Martin Luther King (although he certainly deserves to be honored).

What do you think?


Angry with Society

Yes, I’m Angry with Society

Dear Girlfriend:

You stated that I appear to be angry. Well, yes, I am angry; angry with society!

Yes, I'm angry that children are being molested, raped, and victimized by those who is supposed to be trust-worthy; angry that the judicial system lacks stringent laws that will eliminate such a hideous and abominable crime.

Oh yes, I'm angry that one (with no health insurance) can be sick as a dog and are forced to go to the emergency room for help; but because there is no insurance, the emergency room does nothing for you; but send you a bill for hundreds of dollars for doing nothing! O' you will get a prescription; but you have no insurance or money to purchase it. You may get a referral to see a doctor; but you have no insurance, so the doctor will not see you. So, in the meantime, your health gets worse and you die like a dog!

Yes, I'm angry that Congress prefers to fight amongst them rather than to vote on legislation that will provide jobs.

Yes, I'm angry that the wealthy-greedy continue to get more wealth while the poor people get poorer.

Yes, I'm angry that my Christian liberties are being stripped away from Christians due to the religions of others.

Yes, I'm angry that many people are going to prison or are already in prison unjustly.

Yes, I'm angry that our veterans are not treated with better honored by society. However, it does appear to be getting better.

Yes, I'm angry that Universities offer and push degree courses whereby there is no market.

Yes, I'm angry that there are laws that people can shoot me if they feel that they are threatened; who can determine if one feels threaten is legitimate? Wonder if a person is just ugly and walks toward another, can that person say, I felt threatened because that ugly person was walking toward me? Do you realize that there are some people who feel threaten of ones' color?

Yes, I'm angry that car lots can sell one a car (lemon) and not be responsible or remorseful when that lemon breaks down the next day; because of a sticker "sold as is" is on the window. Many people who live pay check to pay check, who desperately need transportation are taken advantage of by car lots every day. Where are the laws that should protect the people?

Yes, I'm angry that mechanics who work on cars and not fix them; but rather makes them worse. Where are the laws that should protect the people?

Yes, I'm angry that car insurance, electric, gas, rent, etc. continues to get more expensive when the pay check is not growing; yet, one needs all of the things listed. What about buying food...don't one have a right to eat and to feed their family?

Girlfriend, that is enough for now...but I tell you, I have much more that I am angry about.